Delia Venditti is a professor of English, a writer, and an MFA candidate in creative non-fiction at Goucher College. She is currently working on a memoir about extracting herself from a dehumanizing relationship only to become the victim of an on-going and vicious new form of crime – online harassment and stalking. Her efforts to bring her harasser to justice were unsuccessful due to lack of legislation. As a result Delia became determined to fight for new legislation that protects victims of online harassment and stalking. In February, she testified before the Judiciary Committee of the Maryland General Assembly in support of Senate Bills (SB) 107 and 175. SB 175 was passed into law in April; it will amend the current online harassment legislation, providing victims with stronger prosecuting ability. For the woman who becomes trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship or who regrets posting sexually explicit photographs of herself online, without realizing she was victimizing herself into internet eternity, the voice of a female addressing such self-damage is needed. Delia hopes to be that voice.

This site is maintained under a pseudonym. No personal information will be disclosed on this site.

Click here to read her full story

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